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51st Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM)

Caesars Palace 

Atlantic City, NJ 

October 16 - 20, 2023

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Caesars Palace
Virtual Tour

Featured Speaker: CPT (Ret.) David A Christian, Esq.


Known throughout the country as the “Youngest – Most Decorated Officer of the Vietnam War”. He distinguished himself in combat by being nominated for every valor award of the U.S. Military including the Medal of Honor and 7 Purple Hearts. During his combat career he discovered over 52 enemy Base Camps and when leading his Ranger/Recon Teams his men often said that “they owned the jungle”. CPT Christian is credited with personally destroying over 6 enemy machine gun nests while armed with only three hand grenades and a bayonet. Also, he captured enemy POWs in hand-to-hand fighting, routed enemy insurgents, and captured valuable enemy documents and supplies. 


Atlantic City Interactive Map

Caesars Palace Property Map

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